Conversation with my father regarding Chuck.

Me: Dad. DAD. I am going to cry so hard okay not really but I will be very upset if Chuck gets canceled, and it's on the bubble right now and I'm worried because stupid NBC and its stupid decision to do away with five viable hours of programming to put Leno on at ten every weekday, and boy do I need a life...
Dad: Oh, I don't like that show. It's stupid.
Me: WHAT?! Okay, you gotta watch the full first season, I'm adding it to the queue. Because I know it wasn't the best thing ever first season, and second season's gotten so much better, but... but. You'll like it, I promise, you probably just didn't know what was going on when you watched it before.
Dad: ...eh. I just don't like how stupid he is. He's always making an ass of himself.
Me: Well... I mean, that's sort of the point, right? He's not really a spy, he's just an everyday guy who-- what?
Dad: ...oh. I'm thinking of the wrong show. What's the one with that office guy?
Me: The Office.
Dad: Yeah. I don't like him. He's stupid.

so many parts!


I put the deposit on my boyfriend's pug puppy the other day.

His name is Archimedes. "Archie". Or probably just "Pug" if what we've been calling him so far is any indication.

We get to take him home after he's weaned and gets his shots at 8 weeks, which will be at the end of May.

Things have been really weird, but I think they're evening out. I hope.
i am a time god

Ladies and gentleman, Lewis Black.

moonfoxed: Wouldn't it be awesome if Lewis Black was our president? I'm listening to him talk about politics and it's like.. that would be sweet. I'd listen to all the speeches.

Yes. Yes, it would.


"The most important part of travel is when you come home, because that's when you see your country with new eyes. I was amazed to realize that we are the only country, that tells the rest of the world, on a nearly constant basis, that we are the greatest country on Earth. And that is a little fuckin' obnoxious. And I know it's obnoxious, because if you were in an office, and there was someone there who came in everyday and said, 'I'M THE GREATEST FUCKER HERE! AND YOU SNIVELING SHITS WOULD DIE WITHOUT ME!!' I can guarantee you by the end of the week you'd have killed him, and eaten him, just so you could attempt to possess his power. The amazing thing is that there are people who have never left this country, who talk about the fact that we are the greatest country on Earth. How fuckin' dumb is that? 'Cause you don't know. If you haven't left here you don't know. There are countries that may be giving shit away everyday! Canada's one of those countries. You know what they give away? HEALTH INSURANCE!"

"The reason you should go to Las Vegas is because, for only the second time, the second time, ever, they have rebuilt Sodom and Gomorrah. It's back!! And you have the opportunity to see it before it turns to salt. And you wanna get out there before the Christian Right finds out what we're up to and shits all over it."

"Why do Bush and his Christian buddies believe marriage is between a man and a woman? Because it says so in the Bible - the Old Testament to be exact. Of course, they've forgotten we have a thing in this country called the "separation of church and state" or, as I like to call it in layman's terms, "the tough shit law." But they also seem to have forgotten that the New Testament is the Christian Bible and the Old Testament is the Jewish bible. Please allow me to speak on behalf of my people: "Keep your fucking Christian Right noses out of our reading material!'"

"There's no such thing as soy milk. It's soy juice. Know how come I know there's no such thing as soy milk? Because there's no soy titty, is there?"

"Jerry Falwell said that the reason that September 11th happened, the reason that God allowed it to happen, was because of certain people in our country. People like, and I'm quoting, 'the pagans,' which is a motorcycle group. Feminists; he brought up feminists. He used the word even. 'God,' I thought, 'I haven't heard that word in a while. Did he really think it was feminists? Is that what upset God? That women, a number of years ago, had decided to leave the kitchen, and enter the work place, and demand equal wages, and demand power equal to a man? That's what upset God? That God looked down into the kitchen, and there was not a stew on the oven and the spice rack was in disarray. He said, I will SMOTE them!' And I couldn't believe it, he said that God had actually talked to him and said, these were the people. That was the reason. It was those people, and that was the reason God allowed this to happen. And I thought, 'That's odd.' Because God had called me 12 hours before, and he said, the reason he was upset was because of people like Jerry Falwell."
long way round

looking at you now, you would never know

Um, hi. I'm crawling out from under my rock to report on the Athlete in-store that Katie and I went to last night at the Borders in downtown San Diego.

And other such amusements of mine for the past few weeks.

So Athlete sorta rocked, despite the fact that they were standing in a Borders, with Joel trying not to sing too loudly into the mic so not to annoy the few shoppers there were hanging around that didn't have the decency to see an ongoing show and stop a moment to clap a bit for them. He kept pulling his face back from the mic on the louder parts of the songs (particularly that certain part of "Wires"), and everything they played was purposefully pretty mellow. No "El Salvador" to stick in my head for years and years. Instead we got -- in no particular order, because I'm not even sure if I'm remembering all the songs and/or not getting them confused with others -- "Half Light", "Wires", "I Love" and "Yesterday Threw Everything At Me". I... think. Katie took some pictures, and I got my new copy of Tourist signed, and it was overall a nice affair despite the fact that the crowd was really more of a gathering of about forty people. I fell in love (for five minutes, like I always do) with the bassist Carey, and his messy blonde hair and accent and blue eyes. I didn't have much to say to Joel or Tim (can we tell I'm still learning their names, and trying to use repetition to keep them in my head for more than five minutes?), but I rambled on at Carey and... um, Steve? about how I didn't know a lot about them, but that Val had sorta made sure that Katie and I fell in love with the band anyway. "I like your friend!", Carey said, and I laughed and made a rather random remark that she'd married a Welshman. Carey says he's sorry, Val. :D

In other news and not so much news, I'm going to see Into the Woods at the Lamb's Players in Coronado on Sunday night. We've bought out the whole theater, and it's a benefit for the San Diego Academy Building Fund. There'll be a lot of co-workers and members going, and it'll be interesting to hang out with them outside of our big little red building.

I left my cell phone at Martin's house, but I'm planning on heading over there tonight to actually pick it up after work. Maybe he'll take me to go get sushi, too. :D Too bad I don't think Matty's in town, I didn't realize how much I'd actually missed him until he was being Weekend Retarded at Red Lobster and I was cracking up. We had a real nice conversation on the couch while Martin was busy trying to take down Rag with his guild in WoW, and I was amazed that he didn't at all seem put off by discussing more than the weather or the other inane type things that we usually talked about when we roomed together. I'm very excited that he's in Riverside so much, and so I'll be able to see him every so often. I also now am really curious to see where he lives in Texas, and have vague plans of asking Martin if he wants to fly out there around his birthday if he'll be in TX then to see it all.

...and now it's back to the grind. TGIF, mates! More later, though, because I had more I wanted to talk about. :)
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Friday at noon found me in the car, heading up to Katie's house for a crochet workshop courtesy of Julie, dinner at Homeytown, and a horrible movie which you all should not see, despite the fact that Paris Hilton dies and my favorite stalkee Jared Padalecki is in it (I forced myself into liking Chad Michael Murray the night before in preparation, too, and I am saddened to say that I have gone right back to not liking him again. I just can't get over the hair).

Sitting in the inevitable midday traffic, I slipped in my Best of Blur CD and cranked the windows down and the volume up, and sang along at the top of my lungs. I must have looked like the hugest doofus, for soon enough I was grinning like an idiot, grabbing for my phone to text Val and tell her that we'd been friends for three and a half years now. Blur will forever and ever remind me of Val, and Alyse, and of standing on the stump at Val's house and screaming Death to the FedEx man, and salsa that I still haven't been able to find in the stores on the beach beside a melting Harry Potter cake, and stacks and stacks of printouts from Mugglenet, and Alyse's cute little Ikea-esque condo. So I bounced around to Blur in the car and thought about my friends and felt all lucky and mushy and stuff.

We headed up to visit the Line on Saturday, and spent the first half of the day carting Welshcakes and Lee to Frank & Son's and then to Walmart, looking for Star Wars toys and whatnot. At Walmart I bought a SW-theme fuzzy (tm!) thing to color, and then we wound up hitting the Line at about five. We had so much fun. Between coloring the fuzzy (tm) thing in various fabulous colors (Katie and Val, not me!) and thus defiled SW by making Anakin and Obi-Wan "Fabulous!", the fake Star 98.7 guy and his mic, the Ewok essay about George Lucas in an Ewok suit (and something about throbbing manhood, I've blocked it out), and hunting down relatively safe Mongolian BBQ for dinner... well. I want to go back. Right now. :) Instead, I think I'm going up on Wednesday after class, to try and hit my hours and be an actual part of the Line.

Last night, for no good reason as I was falling asleep, I had the sudden mental image in my head of Corey with his chin on Autumn's shoulder, mic shoved in her face, mocking the fake Star guy... and I laid there, laughing like a loon up at the ceiling and hoping I wouldn't wake Matt up.

Yeah, I can't wait to go back. :)
back the fuck off

Well, fuck all.

"I like cinnamon rolls, but I don't always have time to make a pan. That's why I wish they would sell cinnamon roll incense. Perhaps I'd rather light a stick and have my roommate wake up with false hopes."

R.I.P, Mitch. You stupid, stupid man.

When I saw the Fark headline, I got all confused about days again and figured it was April Fool's and that someone obviously didn't have much tact. But, no.

/bitter and sad
ewan pants (avadaacio)

Happy Birthday, darling boy.

The Poets Song: I guess technically it's only Ewan's birthday now. I got confused about what day it is. So I guess you're all right. Sew his face into your quilt tomorrow.
MagnoliaFaery: I think I shall.
MagnoliaFaery: Or his penis. Right in the middle.
MagnoliaFaery: A Ewan penis quilt.
The Poets Song: I totally want one for Christmas. That's what I expect now. A Ewan penis quilt. I'm going to post this in my LJ, too, announce it to the world. Then you'll have to make me one, or else come December I'm posting about what a bad friend you are.
MagnoliaFaery: LOL
MagnoliaFaery: If I could make you a Ewan penis quilt, I totally fucking would.
The Poets Song: Then you'd better get cracking.
MagnoliaFaery: Yes ma'am.
The Poets Song: Hee.


God forbid that man ever Google himself.
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They found Comet!! Honestly, I thought he'd been eaten by coyotes. Turns out the construction foreman had him... saw him running around the construction site on Friday evening, and so he took him home. Apparently an honest guy, too, because when the construction crew came back to work today and Steve went out there to ask if anybody'd seen him, the guy spoke up. He's been calling him Benji, and says his teeth and the furniture have been well-acquainted. My dad called me into his bedroom, where he's been being a sickie for the last few days, when I got out of class and told me about it. And I almost cried, literally. So happy that tonight I'm not making LOST PUPPY fliers.

My niece's dog got out last night sometime. I don't know the details of when he went missing, but he's been digging under the fence and getting out that way since they moved in. Usually he just nips over to Mr. Next's Doors house, dances around in front of the dog run until the big German Shepard starts snarling at him, then yips his way back into Steve's backyard. Apparently yesterday he dug up under a different fence, or the German Shepard wasn't outside and he got brave and kept going, digging his way through backyards. Steve didn't have enough time to go and knock on everybody's door -- he went along his street, but not the neighbors behind him, or the street with the models on it in case Comet somehow escaped from the labyrinth of backyards. And today's the parade, so he's busy, and I'm gonna get showered and go knock on those doors.

Steve says his gut feeling is that the neighbors with the German Shepard, whose yard keeps getting broken into by this dog, picked him up and took him to the pound and then lied to Steve about it. That could be my brother being paranoid, or my brother being an ex-cop and thusly being able to read people pretty well. I have no idea. But I didn't get a very good feel of them next door, so I wouldn't have put it past them. And, you know, honestly? I hope they did. Animal Control opens at ten, and I'd much rather find him having been dropped off there than I would a sneaky neighbor having taken him in, thinking "Hey, new puppy!". We'd never find him, then.

I could barely sleep last night, I kept dreaming about getting up and going to find the puppy. I remember when Patches disappeared, and how much that sucked, and how much more it would have sucked if I were only ten.
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ETA 11/20/11: David Levithan once messaged me on MySpace to say that he was thankful that I'd listed him as a favorite author in my profile. He's not a huge name, but back then he really wasn't that well known at all yet and I have no doubt it was really him and not a PR team. So very effin' cool of him. <3


Here's what I know about the realm of possibilty--
it is always expanding, it is never what you think
it is. Everything around us was once deemed
impossible. From the airplane overhead to
the phones in our pockets to the choir girl
putting her arm around the metalhead.
As hard as it is for us to see sometimes, we all exist
within the realm of possibility. Most of the limits
are of our own world's devising. And yet,
every day we each do so many things
that were once impossible to us.

There are hundreds of reasons for Daniel and me
to be impossible. History has not been kind
to two boys who love each other like we do.
But putting that aside. And not even considering
the fact that a hundred and fifty years ago,
his family was in a small town in Russia
and my family was in a similarly small town
in Ireland--I can't imagine they could have
imagined us here, together. Forgetting our gender,
ignoring all the strange roads that led to us
being in the same time and place, there is still
the simple impossibility of love. That all of our
contradicting securities and insecurities,
interests and disinterests, beliefs and doubts
could somehow translate into this common
uncommon affection should be as impossible
as walking to the moon. But instead, I love him.

David Levithan
The Realm of Possibility


ETA 11/20/11: He totally sparkled. <3


I imagine he'll sparkle. Like.. a little at the edges. It'll be like.. ::angel's chorus:: Briiiiiian.

One week 'til Cowboy Mouth and BVA!!!