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They found Comet!! Honestly, I thought he'd been eaten by coyotes. Turns out the construction foreman had him... saw him running around the construction site on Friday evening, and so he took him home. Apparently an honest guy, too, because when the construction crew came back to work today and Steve went out there to ask if anybody'd seen him, the guy spoke up. He's been calling him Benji, and says his teeth and the furniture have been well-acquainted. My dad called me into his bedroom, where he's been being a sickie for the last few days, when I got out of class and told me about it. And I almost cried, literally. So happy that tonight I'm not making LOST PUPPY fliers.

My niece's dog got out last night sometime. I don't know the details of when he went missing, but he's been digging under the fence and getting out that way since they moved in. Usually he just nips over to Mr. Next's Doors house, dances around in front of the dog run until the big German Shepard starts snarling at him, then yips his way back into Steve's backyard. Apparently yesterday he dug up under a different fence, or the German Shepard wasn't outside and he got brave and kept going, digging his way through backyards. Steve didn't have enough time to go and knock on everybody's door -- he went along his street, but not the neighbors behind him, or the street with the models on it in case Comet somehow escaped from the labyrinth of backyards. And today's the parade, so he's busy, and I'm gonna get showered and go knock on those doors.

Steve says his gut feeling is that the neighbors with the German Shepard, whose yard keeps getting broken into by this dog, picked him up and took him to the pound and then lied to Steve about it. That could be my brother being paranoid, or my brother being an ex-cop and thusly being able to read people pretty well. I have no idea. But I didn't get a very good feel of them next door, so I wouldn't have put it past them. And, you know, honestly? I hope they did. Animal Control opens at ten, and I'd much rather find him having been dropped off there than I would a sneaky neighbor having taken him in, thinking "Hey, new puppy!". We'd never find him, then.

I could barely sleep last night, I kept dreaming about getting up and going to find the puppy. I remember when Patches disappeared, and how much that sucked, and how much more it would have sucked if I were only ten.


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Dec. 6th, 2004 07:34 am (UTC)
I hope you guys found him. The feeling of having a pet disappear sucks ass.
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